The Hometown Church with a Heart for the World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visiting any church for the first time can be a daunting experience. We want your first visit to Faith Baptist to be refreshing, friendly, and enjoyable for your whole family. We desire for you to experience inspiring music, friendly people, and practical teaching and preaching while you are here. You may come as a visitor, but we hope you’ll leave as a friend! Wondering what to expect on your first visit? Here are some frequently asked questions.

What’s on the Schedule on Sundays?

We start Sunday with Sunday School at 10:00 am. This is a 45-minute session divided by grades for school-age children and life stages for adults. Each class is age-appropriate and focuses on practical, life-changing teaching from God’s Word. Our morning worship service begins at 11:00 and will feature congregational singing, special music, and a message by the pastor or a guest speaker. Then at 6:00 pm we come back and have another service with more music and another message. Most of our services last just a little over an hour.

What Kind Of Church Is Faith Baptist?

We are a Baptist church which means that we believe the basic Bible doctrines for which Baptists have historically stood. We make no apologies for being Baptist and don’t try to hide that fact by taking the word out of our name. We are Baptists by conviction and principle, not by affiliation.
As Baptists we believe—

We are an independent church which means we are not affiliated with any particular board or ruling body. Because of this, we can support our own missionaries, select our own leaders, and support institutions that believe as we believe. In short, our church answers to the headship of Jesus Christ rather than to a denominational body.

We are a non-charismatic church which means we do not practice speaking in tongues, faith healing, or believe in extra-biblical revelation. While there are many people who prefer to worship this way, we choose to worship in ways that we feel to be consistent with God’s Word and His plan for this church.

I’m Not a Baptist. May I Still Attend?

Absolutely! We have guests from different denominations – and some with no church background – in our services. Our goal is not to make Baptists out of everyone, but to lead people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

What Are The Services Like?

Our music is traditional and conservative. We still like to sing the old hymns our grandparents used to sing because there is so much doctrine in those songs. We may mix in some choruses here and there, but the old red hymnal gets used during every service. During the service we will have a group or a soloist bless our hearts with special music.

During the music service it’s not uncommon for folks to lift a hand in worship or say “Amen!” during the preaching. We always have a schedule to follow when we begin, but we don’t always follow it. We try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The main focus of each service is the preaching of God’s Word. Our pastor or a guest speaker will give a Bible message from God’s Word. We believe the Bible has the answer to every problem and the power to comfort, correct, or instruct every need.

What Do You Have For My Kids?

Because children are important to God, we make them a priority at Faith Baptist. During every service there is a safe, clean nursery with dedicated workers for children under three years old. You will be given a vibrating pager so a nursery worker can page you during the service if your child needs you. There are also Sunday School classes for every age, as well as children's churches during the Sunday morning service for children age three to twelve. Throw in an exciting and active youth group, Sunday School activities, Patch the Pirate Children’s Choir on Wednesday nights, summer camps, and annual youth conferences, and you have a church that cares for young people.

How Should I Dress?

Faith Baptist does not have a dress code for members or guests, and we have people come in everything from work clothes to their Sunday best. Many of our church family dress in traditional “Sunday” dress, but church is not a fashion show, and no one at Faith Baptist will think twice if you do or don’t wear what they’re wearing.

Am I Going To Be Asked For Money?

No. We don’t ask you to come to Faith Baptist for your money. During every service we receive an offering from our members, but we don’t expect our guests to put anything in the offering plate. We want the service to be our gift to you, and want you to feel no obligation to participate in the offering as a guest.

Other Questions?

If there are other questions we’ve missed, just give us a call or ask someone when you arrive. Whether you're new to the area and looking for a church home, just passing through, or it's been a long time since you've attended church at all, we hope you’ll feel right at home at Faith Baptist!